About Panda´s

PANDA’S Concept

Panda´s Eyewear, inspired by the understanding of life, was born in Barcelona, one of the most historic cities in Mediterranean sea.

Panda´s Eyewear is more than just sunglasses, its presence reminds and helps people to open the eyes to see how the Earth is now, and how you expect it to be in the future.

En Panda´s our designers and artisans work together hardly to offer the lastest fashion, give the utmost love and respect to every nature material we discover, such as bamboo, cebrano, chestnut, rosewood, etc., the power of nature create the most perfect textures, by following and highlighting these unbeatable creations, that´s how our single sunglasses are born. We are constantly working to test new natural materials and create original designs, but always keep comfort and high-durability in our minds.

All lenses we are using are top quality as one of our obsessions is safety. We offer polarized and homologated lenses with UV400 category 3 protection.

Our mission is: Safety, Fashion and Quality. The most important: Eco-friendly, to give a greater love to our nature and future of our children.


                                   Gafas de sol urban Gafas de sol de madera  Gafas de sol niños

Wooden sunglasses designed in BARCELONA

Panda’s sunglasses are designed in Barcelona and are manufactured with organic materials among which stand out above the rest of the Bamboo wood. Bamboo is considered a sustainable wood because it grows quickly.

All Panda’s models are handmade starting from a piece of wood. Combining the work of the designers and the handicraftsmen Panda’s Eyewear achieves frames that are light, resistant and mark trends.

All Panda’s sunglasses have high quality lenses, with polarized lenses with UV4oo protection to offer the perfect protection to your eyes.

Gafas de sol de madera en España
Gafas de sol de madera en España

Why wooden sungalsses? 

Panda’s sunglasses have a different style, are trendy, alternative and stylish.

The wood has a lot of advantages; it is light, flexible, resistance, floats in the water and is biodegradable. Buying Panda’s sunglasses you are more respectful with the environment.